Meiwenti is the Mandarin word for no problem or no worries. There are no problems, just puzzles one must figure out. This philosophy encapsulates the spirit an independent filmmaker must have if s/he is to actually turn film dreams into film projects and those into films.

Meiwenti Productions began in Shanghai in 2005 with the production of a feature film, “90 Days Visa,” directed and produced by Juan Vargas. The film served to catalyse the independent filmmaker community in Shanghai—a film powerhouse in the 30’s that had been dormant for decades. In the following years, Meiwenti produced a couple feature films and several short and experimental films.

Short Film Contest

In order to keep the community engaged, Juan Vargas established the Shanghai Short Film Contest in 2005. The format of the contest was to produce an 8-15 minute film in a month. Each contest had a theme and participants were given some requirements that they had to include in their shorts. Meiwenti provided workshops, mentoring and equipment. Through the decade, the Shanghai Short Film Contest has served as a trampoline for dozens of filmmakers who have go on to become professionals.

Juan Vargas has produced indie films shooting guerrilla style, live formula racing managing a crew of over 100 staff, and everything in between. Meiwenti HQ moved to Berlin in 2015.